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I need all of the UK readers of this here LJ to feel in the questions of this questionnaire for my end of year research project!!! Just copy and paste the questionnaire and delete which ever answer (yes/no) to leave the relevant answer! Thanks

This questionnaire is designed purely for academic purposes and will not be used in any other way.
All information will be treated strictly as anonymous. All information is used only for statistically purposes.

The following questions are based on political preferences and active participation.

Gender? Male Female

Age? 0 – 30 31 – 50 50 and above

1. Do you consider yourself to be political?

Yes No

2. Do you consider yourself to be actively political?

Yes No

3. Do your family hold the same political beliefs?

Yes No

4. Do you know who your local MP is?

Yes No If yes who?

5 Do you know who the leader of the opposition is?

Yes No

6 Did you vote in the last election (May 2005)?

Yes No

7. If yes, which of the main political parties did you vote for?



Liberal Democrats

Green Party



8. Do you think your vote makes a difference?

Yes No

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.
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